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  • Knapczyk Implements Flipped Classroom in Hindi Course
    Peter Knapczyk, a visiting Assistant Professor in the Asian Languages and Civilizations Department, completed the Fall 2015 ASSETT Teaching with Technology Seminar. He implemented the use of a flipped classroom by using Urdu video tutorials and online web assignments in order to teach the Urdu script without interrupting in-class time used for Hindi instruction.
  • Dilling’s Use of NB and Padlet to Increase Engagement in Environmental Studies Class
    Lisa Dilling is an Associate Professor in the Environmental Studies Program. She plans to use NB along with Padlet in order to improve engagement and active learning opportunities in a medium sized enrollment class. Dilling completed the Fall 2015 ASSETT Teaching with Technology Seminar.
  • Using Timeline JS for Self-Directed Learning in Adil’s Course
    Sabahat Adil, an Assistant Professor of Arabic in Asian Languages and Civilizations, plans to implement Timeline JS into her Islamic Culture and the Iberian Peninsula Course.  Adil hopes for students to use Timeline JS to be in charge of their own learning and to create their own foundation of knowledge.  Adil completed the Fall 2015 ASSETT Teaching with Technology Seminar.