untitled11If you teach a foreign language class and have considered incorporating technologies to support learning, then Edwige Simon is someone you should know about. She is the director of the Foreign Language Technology Program. Available to graduate students, faculty and instructors, the FLTP works to teach technical skills that can be incorporated into the modern foreign language classroom. Simon coordinates the program to offer guest speakers and round table events in addition to 8 general workshops each semester. What’s more, the FLTP program offers online workshops you can take, instead of showing up in person.

The FLTP program can offer assistance for any experience level to combine technical skills with educational principles. Workshops are designed to make your classroom and teaching foreign languages more interactive and accessible for students. For example, online workshops offer step-by-step instructions on using tools such as sound editing software and blogging for learning management.

There is a Digital Video Workshop coming up on Monday, March 30 from 9-11am & 1-3pm in Hellems 152.

If you want to learn more about the FLTP program, email Edwige Simon at edwige.simon@colorado.edu, or visit the FLTP website. Participants can check for when the workshops are offered by taking a look at this calendar and clicking of the colored dates. The classes can be signed up over the internet, or you can call 303-492-7225.

Written By: Kate Vander Wiede, CU ’09, ASSETT Staff