ASSETT Director

Room E282


Role at ASSETT

My main role is to coordinate and support the wonderful team of students and professionals who make ASSETT work. In addition to introducing ASSETT to partners around campus, you’ll also see me representing the College of Arts & Sciences in various technology-related discussions and planning groups.

Professional Bio

I am an associate professor in the Department of Communication. My research addresses social and organizational issues concerning communication technology. I work across disciplines, particularly in collaboration with computer scientists and engineers. My work appears in over 40 publications in communication, computer science, organization studies, and technology studies. I am also Associate Director for CASE for Sustainability, a program dedicated to engaging communication students in environment sustainability efforts. I served as Department Chair 2005-2009 and directed the Department’s Technology Across the Curriculum initiative from 2000-2010. I teach in the areas of communication technology, organizational communication, and group interaction. My PhD is from the University of Minnesota.http://assett.colorado.edu/jackson

Personal Bio

I live in Louisville, CO. My family and I all play African Shona-style marimba in various performing groups — you might see us at the Farmers’ Market! I also love to play games, especially Zelda, Boggle, and pinball.