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  • Mollborn Incorporates New Research Methods in Sociology Course
    Stephanie Mollborn, Associate Professor of the CU Boulder Sociology Department, participated in ASSETT’s Fall 2014 Teaching with Technology Seminar.  She redesigned her course to cover general research methods. Watch her discuss her course […]
  • CU Boulder Grad Students Teach with Technology
    Graduate students at CU Boulder have gone above and beyond to incorporate technology into their teaching.  Josh LePree of the Sociology Department uses Twitter and Voicethread to encourage students to […]
  • An App for That Class
    Find an app for all of your classes!   History Helpers American Revolution App for iPad.  Can’t keep track of the Townshend Acts or the Battle of Bunker Hill?  Put the […]
  • Academics Online Week
    Instructors just finished five days of discussion and learning about sharing their research online.  ASSETT and University Libraries hosted five Academics Online Week panel and discussion sessions each afternoon during the week […]
  • New Tech Maps the Past
    High tech devices fly high when it comes to archaeological mapping.  Professor Gerardo Gutierrez of the CU Boulder Anthropology Department has found that the right technology can free up hours of work for […]