ASSETT Arts & Sciences Support of Education Through Technology

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  • Watch ASSETT’s Presentation at Norlin Learners’ Lunch in February
    It’s time for Norlin Learner’s Lunches again!  Every Wednesday at noon, come to Norlin Library Commons Room E113, and watch a presentation.  This time, ASSETT Teaching and Learning Consultants will […]
  • ASSETT is Hiring a Teaching and Learning Researcher
    ASSETT is hiring a Teaching and Learning Researcher to provide us with evaluation and assessment services and support!  Apply by Monday, Feb 9.  Please click here for more information:
  • Mollborn Incorporates New Research Methods in Sociology Course
    Stephanie Mollborn, Associate Professor of the CU Boulder Sociology Department, participated in ASSETT’s Fall 2014 Teaching with Technology Seminar.  She redesigned her course to cover general research methods. Watch her discuss her course […]
  • CU Boulder Grad Students Teach with Technology
    Graduate students at CU Boulder have gone above and beyond to incorporate technology into their teaching.  Josh LePree of the Sociology Department uses Twitter and Voicethread to encourage students to […]
  • An App for That Class
    Find an app for all of your classes!   History Helpers American Revolution App for iPad.  Can’t keep track of the Townshend Acts or the Battle of Bunker Hill?  Put the […]