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  • ASSETT Award Funds Stange’s Drawing Videos that Explain Math Concepts
    CU Boulder Mathematics Department Assistant Professor Kate Stange won a 2014 ASSETT Development Award to make math videos for Linear Algebra and other classes for flipping the linear algebra classroom.  Stange used the award to purchase a WACOM tablet.  “The tablet is fantastic,” says Stange.  The videos that she has made so far with tablet and Camtasia software explain […]
  • Watkins’s Neuroscience Students Learn More Through Video Lecture Capture
    Asking the instructor a question in class from home is possible with Be Boulder Anywhere‘s technology.  When CU Boulder Department of Psychology’s Linda Watkins taught with Be Boulder Anywhere technology for this first time this past spring semester, she could call on distance learning students during class to ask questions.  First, distance learning students log in via Blue Jeans Video Conferencing–the program that Be […]
  • Gale’s RAP Students Shared Visual Literacy Images Via Social Media
    Kendra Gale, PhD, is an instructor in the Communication and Society Residential Academic Program at CU Boulder.  Gale completed the Fall 2014 ASSETT Teaching with Technology Seminar.  She introduced a social media page into her class as a mechanism for sharing and discussing interesting images in the media.  
  • Students Nominate Emerson’s Use of Media Archaeology Lab for Teaching with Tech Award
    Does new media correlate with technological progress?  That’s what students investigate in Assistant Professor of English Lori Emerson’s Introduction to Media Studies course.  To understand the extent to which technological media has progressed over the past century, Emerson asks her students to handle old computers, typewriters, record players, etc. at the  Media Archaeology Lab on Grandview Avenue in Boulder.  There, students, “Take things […]
  • Creating Virtual History Exhibits with Young’s ASSETT Development Award
    CU Boulder Professor of History Phoebe Young won a Spring 2014 ASSETT Development Award to obtain student training support for digital exhibition software.  Young integrated Omeka digital exhibition software into her course, History 4546: Popular Culture in Modern America.  Young’s students created online exhibits of pop culture themes.  They uploaded images and sound clips and recorded the items’ source […]